Business class course evaluation paper


Describe and define three business concepts or issues covered in this course. Utilize no more than one or two sentences to describe and define each concept/issue that you plan to address.

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Business class course evaluation paper
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Close the book and write at least two single-spaced pages on how or why these concepts or issues are relevant to the world of business and relate them to your professional career and personal life. You must reflect on the concepts, their purpose, and their application in the business environment. For example, Why are the concepts important? What purpose do they serve? What business situations are the concepts designed to resolve? Who do the concepts protect? Why do you think we have these concepts? How is business impacted by these concepts and issues? If you were applying these concepts, would you change any of them? Why or why not? You may also discuss current events related to the concepts and issues you are addressing. Do not simply copy or reintegrate textbook content. You may use examples from your personal experiences or ones that you have read about to clarify concepts and terms. Most students write over two pages. Write them as if you were sitting in my office talking to me.
*Be sure to read the section, “Grading of Course Reflection,” so you don’t lose any points.
Your Name Business 101
(one space only)
An entrepreneur is someone who starts or owns and operates an enterprise (define). This concept is important because I’m interested in starting my own business in Santa Maria (analysis/application). The business I wish to open is a gym. The place I would like to open on would be across from the Verizon store on Betteravia Road. Etc…
(one space only)
Another concept that I can relate to is organizing a business to form a partnership. A partnership is an organization where two or more persons operate a business as “co-owners” and are bound by a voluntary legal agreement (define). One disadvantage of forming a partnership is the aspect of unlimited liability (analysis/application). Continue to address this concept by answering some of the questions listed under the “Essay Questions for the Course Reflection.” Be sure to use examples to clarify your understanding.
(one space only)
The final concept that I find interesting is a franchise. A franchise is an agreement between a firm and another party in which the firm provides the other party with the right to use the firm’s name and to sell or rent its products. (define). I am in the process of exploring a franchise that would be successful in the Santa Maria area (analysis/application). Most of the franchises that I’ve explored require around a million dollars in assets. Etc….

Be sure to follow instructions for Course Reflection, so you don’t lose points.

*Always put your name and Business 101 at the top of each page. *

“You should read the following instruction section more than once.”
Your name (at the top of each page). See example on page 3.
Indicate the course (Business 101). At the top of each page.
Bold the (word) theory, idea, or business practice you are writing about.
Clearly identify and describe EACH of the THREE theories, ideas, or business practices you are writing about. Be sure to follow the required format. See above mentioned.
Clearly describe how you will apply EACH of the THREE theories, ideas, or business practices you are writing about.
Single-spaced, typed, two pages Be sure your page format is setup for single-space and not multiple-space. Just three really long paragraphs.
Only one space between each paragraph and between header and main body of text. There are only 3 really long paragraphs, so you will only indent 3 times.
Backup your work on a flash drive and send it to your email account.
Font size: 12
Font Type: Times New Roman
Margins: one inch (if you use a Mac computer, be sure to check your margins)
Please write in paragraph form using complete college level sentences: No bullets or Numbering. Be sure to review the Course Reflection checklist on page 11 before you turn in your work. Did you answer “Yes” to all the questions? Submit your Course Reflection paper to Canvas on the due date. Please see page 1 for specific due date.
*Only submit Word documents (.docx) because business and industry use Word documents. Do not submit pdf, notepad, papers, pages, zips, or anything else because you will receive zero total points. Pdf files are used for contracts like when you buy a house. No Google Docs. The reason is because Goggle Docs is misleading. It will appear that your work is correct, but in Microsoft Word, it will display something else and usually wrong. “Buyer Beware” if you choose to use it. I recommend that you get a “Free” version of Word at myHancock.

You can receive a FREE Microsoft Office 365 download for use while you are a Hancock student. I suggest installing the full version of Microsoft Office applications on your computer so that you have all of the features and not just the online version.

Log into the myHancock Portal from Hancock home page by clicking on myHancock.
After you login, go to your myHancock portal Email icon then click on the Waffle icon next to myHancock, click on the words Office 365, click on Install Office.
Click on Other install options.
Click on Install and follow the instructions.
You will now have Office installed on your computer and have all the features.

Significant points will be deducted if you do not analyze the application of the concepts. Do not merely describe the concepts. Words and rules from the textbook are only worth 25% of the total grade. You must write about the issues described above.

Remember you are being graded on depth of analysis and following instructions. A Course Reflection submitted without using the format described above will have points deducted from your final score. See section on “Grading of Course Reflection.”

Depth of Analysis: Your Course Reflection MUST reflect depth of analysis as evidence by mastery of the textbook material and application of issue(s) to real world situations. Your work needs to be clearly “above average” to earn a grade of B. Your work must be clearly “outstanding” to earn a grade of A.

Do not wait until the last minute to write your Course Reflection. It requires thoughtful reflection, excellent writing skills, and mastery of the concepts presented in the textbook. Generally, students have received below average to failing scores, when they completed their Course Reflection on the last day. In the past, students who waited until the due date to start writing their Course Reflection have significantly received lower grades.
Do not let this happen to you! Be sure to follow instructions and read them more than once.

You must clearly demonstrate that you have read, understand, and can apply textbook concepts.

At the end of the course, you are required to write a two-page, single-spaced paper, which reflects 3 concepts, or 3 theories, or 3 issues you have learned and submit it in a Word document on Canvas. You will apply them to your professional career and personal life. Please bold the terms/concepts you are writing about just once. Yes, it’s okay if you write over two pages. Your Course Reflection two-page paper is worth 90 points. It is due on December 4th, 2020 by 11:55 pm and submitted to Canvas. No late work will be accepted. If you choose to use multiple spacing instead of single spacing, you will lose 20% of the possible points, if your work still meets the required two-page minimum. Remember, only submit Word documents (.docx).

Also, you must write on only 3 terms and at least 2 pages to receive any credit (3 really long paragraphs). If not, your work will be considered incomplete and you will receive zero total points. Remember, you are being graded on following instructions as stated on page 1 in the course syllabus under the section, “Student Learning Outcomes.” Practice success. Single-spaced papers will only be accepted. Once you submit your Course Reflection, be sure to check your email daily until you see your score posted in case there was an issue. Write your Course Reflection, as if you were sitting in my office, and you talked about the course.

Definition of two pages is when I put the cursor on the last word on your paper and hit the enter key, it goes to a new page. Never practice doing the minimum and always practice doing the maximum. I suggest writing two and a half pages, so there is no doubt you have met the minimum standards of writing two pages.

And I would suggest that you read this Grading section and the “Instructions For Course Reflection” more than once. After you write your full two-page paper, read the instructions and grading sections again to make sure you have completed the assignment correctly to ensure earning the maximum points.

Be sure to understand the content that is required. You will write only one or two sentences on the definition of the term or concept you are writing about. The third sentence I’m expecting to read about how you will apply this term or concept to your professional and or personal life.
After you write each paragraph, count how many “I statements” that you have written. This assignment is about application and is not a book report just restating the definition. See the Essay questions on page 2 to help you write and complete this assignment. These are only suggestions. Be sure to use examples to clarify learning and application.

One final note is I suggest that you do not use Google Docs. The reason is many students in the past turned in work they thought was correct, and it turned out incorrect, once I checked it in Microsoft Word. Many students thought they used single spacing, but when I checked their work, it was in multiple spacing. In many cases, when I put it in the correct format, their work was short and they received zero total points. Please use only Microsoft Word to ensure the possibility of earning the maximum points. “Set yourself up for success.”

Please note: For each instruction you fail to follow, you will lose 10% or more in points.

Absolutely do not submit work that is incomplete or incorrect. Partial credit is only given to a Course Reflection that is 100% complete but is lacking in depth of analysis. Do not submit any work less than the two-page minimum requirement. Please follow instructions and value my time. Thank you.

After your read each assigned chapter, you need to go to the Discussion Board and post your response to the question for that chapter. Each post you make is worth 5 points. Your post should be 12 or more college level sentences. Be sure to answer the question completely and stay on topic.

Also, you are required to post a response to another student’s response to the question. Each post you make to another student’s post is worth 5 points. So, for each Discussion Board question, you will make one post on the question and respond to another student’s post. Your response to another student’s post must demonstrate analytical thought. Posts or responses less than 12 college level sentences will receive zero total points. Each chapter is worth 10 points (5 points for your post and 5 points for your response to another student’s post).

Both your post and response will be in paragraph form with at least 12 or more college level sentences. Basic college English format: Introductory sentence followed by at least four supporting ideas and then a concluding sentence. Posts and responses like good luck, great idea, sounds good to me, good post, will not count as towards the 12 or more college level sentence requirement. This is a college level writing assignment.

Also, each sentence must be capitalized, ends with a period, and has two spaces between each sentence. If these basic English rules are not followed, then you will not receive credit for your post or response. I want to see you demonstrate and practice college level writing. Your posts and responses will be meaningful and contribute to the subject material for discussion. Anything less will receive zero total points. Posts or responses that are off-topic will receive zero points. I want to see you use compound and complex sentences. 12 simple sentences do not reflect college level writing and will result in zero points. If you have any questions about making a post and/or response, please email me with your specific questions.

In the past, many students lost points for this requirement and wrote in their Course Reflection how they had wished they had put more time into this requirement. I want to see examples of your best work. Don’t let this happen to you. How much thought process do you put into your post or response? 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes, or an hour or more? Practice success.

To see an example of the quality and standards I expect, please read my post to the chapter Discussion Board question. Once in every 3 chapters (Chapters 1, 5, 9, and 11), I will make one post, so you can continue to see the level of college writing I expect. And for every chapter, you are expected to read all the posts and responses from your fellow classmates. To read all the Discussion Board posts and responses is like sitting in the classroom and listening to all your fellow classmates. You can learn from your classmates. You may respond to any of the posts and not just the last post. Make sure you don’t go off topic to ensure the maximum points.
Finally, this is a team activity. Other students in the course need to have the opportunity to read your post, so they can choose to respond to it. We practice success in this course.

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