capstone proposal


I. Introduction
I. Background
II. Ethical Consideration
IV. Analysis
V. Developing Solutions
VI. Conclusion
VII. References

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capstone proposal
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Executive Summary

The paper takes interest on the decrease in sales of Windsor Fashion LLC. The company realized a decrease in sales with the Covid-19 pandemic. Much of the fall is blamed on the lack of agood marketing strategy to ensure that the organizational sales do not go down. The paper emphasize on the importance of leadership in defining the appropriate marketing approaches for the organization. A good approach need to be evaluated to match the company’s needs and have a high return on investments. The company is advised to expand its markets to Asian and African regions. Studying the market gaps may assist in ensuring the prowess of the organization.













Windsor Fashions LLC Marketing

I. Introduction
Marketing has become very competitive, which requires leadership for an organization to achieve success. Having the idea of marketing may not be enough to ensure the organization’s success unless it stands out. There is no direction in marketing without a leader who gives the plan and guides on the moves to take. The leader understands each member of their team’s strengths and weaknesses and assigns duties in a way that they can be perfectly completed (Vallaster, Kraus Lindahl & Nielsen 2019). Organizations that have been able to get a customer base may also suffer ineffectual marketing if they cannot determine the specific problems of the customers and act towards ensuring that the goals are achieved. The interests of the customers are dynamic, and many businesses are working on their marketing. A leader can assess the presenting marketing conditions and focus on ensuring that it offers the necessary products for organizational growth. The leadership skills improvements could be enough in ensuring appropriate organizational growth in marketing. Windsor Fashion LLC is one of the companies that may improve leadership strategies to increase their marketing scope. The paper would cover the Windsor Fashion LLC struggles in marketing, provide solution proposals, and provide the practical actions to execute the proposed changes.

I. Background
Windsor Fashions LLC has its headquarters in CA, United States. The company has over six hundred employees and has been able to spread its branches across various regions worldwide. Understandably, the Covid-19 pandemic affected most businesses. However, Windsor experienced a great decrease in its sales than expected. The fall in the sales could be blamed on the marketing strategies by the organization. Understandably, online advertisements and marketing and door to door deliveries could still sell to the organization despite the lockdowns. The company could probably have been at an upper hand to offer the services that the clients may need most during the pandemics (Vallaster, Kraus Lindahl & Nielsen 2019). The company deals mainly with women’s clothing and can expand the business by focusing on the product line. The age group for the products is not specific and mainly relies on the fact that one is simply a lady. The process includes identifying the probable actions that individuals might take concerning how well the business needs to flow and ensuring that it flows in the right ways possible.

The company is also limited to the regions in which it believes it has most customers include the United States. The company has not explored the Asian and African clothing markets. The trade agreements across various countries in the world provide an opportunity for international trades. The company could be limiting its potential towards ensuring that the organization has been able to handle most of the activities that people might choose to be involved in at a time. A business that can appreciate business expansion can ensure that there is an appropriate growth to ensure organizational development (Afriyie, Du & Musah 2019). There is a necessity to ensure that the company activities are helpful in the most appropriate ways possible to ensure that specific organizational data and projections can meet the desired demands.

Consumers are not aware of a product’s existence unless they take the initiative to reach them (Afriyie, Du & Musah 2019). The aim is to ensure that the company can consider how most of the activities are carried out at a time. Most of the organizational interests and demands should accommodate most of the interests that people have to assist in ensuring that various targets and responsibilities can meet the desired criteria from time to time. Leaders are responsible for identifying the potential markets and focusing on ensuring that the market is adequately exploited. The company limits its markets by not offering the goods and services to the African and Asian regions.

One of the ways to determine coverage for the decline in sales is expanding the market reach. Asia and Africa are embracing technology to some extent, which makes the markets accessible through online platforms. The availability of trade agreements makes penetration into the markets easier. The organization has been able to expand, which means that it can expand to Africa’s regions (Afriyie, Du & Musah 2019). In Africa, the number of women is greatly high as compared to men. The markets in Africa could be greater than the organization’s expectations, especially with the rising moves to empower women. Women are taking places in leadership and formal employments, which means that they get the economic boost to ensure that the organizations can have most of its activities effectively taken care of or at a time.

II. Ethical Consideration
Windsor Fashion LLC is distinguished from empowering women by offering the clothing that can accommodate most of the thoughts and activities that people choose to get involved in at a time. The company’s target is to ensure that it respects the outlines of every culture and the interests of the women who choose their products (Laczniak & Murphy 2019). It provides the opportunity for women to choose the clothes that they find comfortable. Women are good leaders and good employees to the organization, whereby the company uses them to get to know the most desired types of clothing by the target populations.

It is fun to work for Windsor Fashion LLC, according to reviews of many employees. There are pieces of training and remunerations that keep the employees motivated (Laczniak & Murphy 2019). Expansion to Africa and Asian countries would need the organization to consider having the family members of the employees get the opportunity to be in the regions. The aim is to ensure that employees feel comfortable and ensure productivity.

The company ensures integrity when handling the influential positions. The company takes it as part of corporate social responsibility to have the new regions absorbed into the organization. Paying taxes and promoting local programs in the regions with its branches has been one of the key areas in which the organization has focused on ensuring a considerable amount of growth (Laczniak & Murphy 2019). Getting the employees to the influential position is on merit that is verifiable to assist in ensuring performance. Understandably, having an influential position based on corruption may significantly hinder an organization’s performance, which calls for a different hiring approach.

The efficiency of a department of an organization depends on the leader. The probable outcome from a particular leadership may be evaluated by determining the experience that people have concerning the organizational growths and focusing on ensuring that the specific goals and responsibilities are effectively evaluated and handled in the best ways possible (Laczniak & Murphy 2019). The integrity of the workers, especially those in influential positions, is extremely important in ensuring growth. Leadership is understandably one of the key factors that a reign might fail. It is the key reason people have to campaign to be evaluated for their probable performance before elections. The organization focuses on ensuring that its mission and vision are ensured to assist in developing women and needs to achieve its targets fully without a hitch.

The company makes it a responsibility to introduce new procedures in time to ensure that the receptions can accommodate most of the interests people have. The employees are not subjected to new organizational practices without the appropriate plans to do so. They are given sufficient time to think and contribute to development. Understandably, change may not get the required attention most of the time, which calls for the approaches to ascertain why certain changes are accepted and revolted against. The process needs to be thorough to ensure that the company changes when it is necessary.

The integrity partners have to ensure that the organization uses few resources to ensure that a particular outcome is met. The organization aims to ensure a good profit margin. A good profit margin is ensured by having an appropriate approach towards which the various organizations’ various activities are carried out (Afriyie, Du & Musah 2019). The specific groups of people must be effectively taken care of at a time. The leaders should be able to identify the ventures without putting their interests in defining the types of activities that they should embrace from time to time.

The marketers in the organization should have soft skills that would assist in the interactions with potential customers. The lack of soft skills could be a great barrier to marketing. Customers need to be convinced that the organization’s products are better (Peris,Ripollés & Pérez 2020). The approaches need to be satisfactory to the clients so that they are likely to find it interesting to work for the organization from time to time. The people have significantly different approaches within which they can understand how the various organizational targets are achievable from time to time.

Leadership planning is also ethical to ensure that the marketers involved in the process are adequately compensated for the activities they have been engaged in to ensure the organizational progress (Wallace 2017). The people have to consider having most of the organizational objectives and responsibilities effectively taken care of to ensure that people can have most of their interests effectively taken care of at a time. The approaches towards ensuring that specific interests are achieved include identifying the probable interests that people may be involved in. People have to choose from a wide variety of options that they have to choose from at a time.

IV. Analysis
The realization of lower sales by the organization paves the way for changing the organization’s marketing approach. The organization must focus on ensuring that various activities and interests can meet the given criteria at a time. The organization records having digital approaches to marketing. The problem is determining whether the approaches made can ensure that the organization realizes growth. Marketing is an investment in the business and should be done to provide high profits to the organization (Peris,Ripollés & Pérez 2020). The approaches need to be swift to consider how the various activities people choose to get involved in are accurate to the needs that people should consider having at a time. The approaches include identifying the probable gaps and determining how well the activities are effectively taken care of at a time.

The organization aims to ensure that it has a wider penetration and a good return on investment. The organization needs to realize a good return on investment to ensure that there is an understanding of how most of the activities people may choose to get involved in at a time. Expansion to African and Asian countries could be a better option for the organization (Peris,Ripollés & Pérez 2020). There is a rising number of middle-class individuals across the world, leading to significant differences that people should choose to get involved at a time.

Online advertising needs to consider having most of the activities that people choose to get involved into should be considerate to most of the activities that people are likely to find interesting and focus towards ensuring that the interests that people have are effectively taken care of from time to time (Guerreiro, Rita & Trigueiros 2016). The approaches include identifying the various interests that people are likely to present with and focus on ensuring that people are more likely to have most of the interests are effectively taken care of at a time.

Paid per search approach tend to attract most websites which allows for the marketing. Google is currently the most popular search engine and is accessible across the world. The search engine is able to give many results within a short time and provides adverts depending on the searches. Clothing is a basic need and there is a possibility that the majority could have had interest in the items. The adverts can reach any online user without any problem. The approaches require the identification of the various activities that would focus on the identification of the probable gaps and focusing on ensuring that the gaps are effectively filled.

The regions have to focus on ensuring appropriate organizational growth. The approaches include the determination of the specific interests that people should focus on at a time. Various groups of people have different perspectives regarding how they can complete most of their activities at a particular time.

The demographics of the region need to consider ensuring that people may choose to get involved in at a time. The ongoing modernization of the African and Asian countries is undergoing faster modernization, which means that they are getting more open to new investors. Education is taking a good segment of the population, thus ensuring that the population is open to different opinions, thus ensuring people’s growth.

The company can have leaders who can determine the right procedures within which various activities of the organization can be ensured. Various groups of people have significantly different perspectives that they have to choose from to ensure that they can have most of the activities effectively taken care of. Some of the marketing approaches include identifying most of the activities that the organization is likely to be involved in and ensuring that there is an understanding of most of the events that are likely to be taken care of at a time. The approaches include identifying most of the activities that people are likely to consider useful from time to time. Most people’s interests should be considerate towards ensuring that specific organizational events are effectively taken care of at a time.

The strategies towards marketing should take the digital approach. The digital approach includes evaluating the market interests before defining the types of products given to them (Peris,Ripollés & Pérez 2020). They have significantly diverse perspectives that they have to choose from to ensure that the various interests and activities that people may choose to get involved in are accurate according to most of the interests and activities that people may choose to get involved in. Digital approaches can reach a large number of people due to the widespread use of the technology. It is determined that an average adult spends about two hours daily on the internet, which means that it is possible to meet many consumers.

Digital strategies include social media, paid searches, and affiliate marketing others. Having all the approaches at a go could be quite expensive and requires a careful analysis to find the time when they can be effective. Most people in the day jobs are likely to use social media in the evenings, which provides an opportunity to market. The social media platform that the organization uses should be accessible throughout the day and night. The approach would ensure that all potential consumers are convinced to visit the store whenever there is an understanding of most of the activities that people who get involved in at a time.

The organizations should also include relationship marketing, undercover marketing, and scarcity marketing. The scarcity marketing includes identifying the probable problems that the area is likely to face in the purchase of clothes and focusing on trying to focus on the activities that people are likely to get involved in at a time. Most customers are attracted to the interventions that promise to solve their problems.

Ecommerce domains would also assist in promoting the company. However, the eCommerce domains have equal capabilities, which means that there would be different approaches when choosing the right domains (Peris,Ripollés & Pérez 2020). The organization needs to have both free options. The choice should not be guided by the pricing but by the effectiveness of the approaches towards ensuring that people ensure an appropriate understanding of most of the activities that people may choose to get involved in.

The company can promote interactions with consumers to identify the specific needs that the people are likely to get involved in at a time (Peris,Ripollés & Pérez 2020). The interactions with the consumers help identify the specific needs of the people who are focused on handling them. The cultures, economic prowess, and modernization need to be part of the analysis to ensure that people can get most of their interests at a time. The approaches include the determination of the right products and pricing (Peris,Ripollés & Pérez 2020). Understandably, there could be language barriers in new environments, which calls for translators to assist in the communication between the various parties involved in the conversations. The approach includes ensuring value-based campaigns whereby the right product is offered to the people to ensure that people can choose to ensure that there is an understanding of most of the activities that people should choose to get involved in. The checking of the return on investments of the various procedures involved could help ensure that there is an understanding of the right approach to make.

The future of the marketing strategies are also essential to analyse. The seasonal ways of marketing may be useful but may not be long term strategies. The organization might need to refocus from time to time to time which might be costly. Seasonal orientations in marketing like using new music may not last long the market power would lower as long as the move go off. A good marketing plan in the current world should include technology and should be flexible according to technological changes.

Developing Solutions
The process of developing solutions should be in line with the organization’s needs. Therefore, the manager would have to analyze the results regarding the organization’s sales before making decisions that relate to the organization’s growth. The approach involves identifying the most appropriate database for the organization that would assist in ensuring the organization’s growth. The organization’s position assists in providing for the strategies that may work and those that may not work in the contexts. For instance, affiliate marketing might not be a good option for marketing if the organization does not have enough finances to pay the affiliates for their organizational activities involvement.

Developing solutions also involves aligning the marketing options and choosing the option with the organization’s highest yield. The highest yields are important in ensuring that an individual can have most of the activities they believe ineffectively to ensure appropriate growth for the organization. The manager can arrange the various platforms that could yield the best for the organization before settling on the ones that they feel are the most appropriate. The managers should give the channels with the high value to be of use to Windsor LLC.

The resources available may also assist in defining the types of activities that the organization would take. The materials define the probability of having an appropriate budget. The organization needs to have the capital to spare for the development to ensure its marketing. The marketing should not be too high that the rest of the organization’s activities may be hindered. An appropriate approach should ensure that the specific targets that people present with are effectively taken care of to ensure that the various goals and objectives that people have been able to meet the required criteria. The integration of the systems of marketing is also necessary. The integration of the systems helps ensure that there is an authentication of the whole process toe nurse that the data is effectively handled according to the managers’ interests and responsibilities. The managers should be able to have an authentic marketing approach that would make it stand out. It should handle the finances and the needs to find an approach that would ensure that the organization stands out.

Having an integrated plan unique to the organization would define the types of people that the organization is likely to hire. The process includes identifying the people who would assist in ensuring that the plan is successful by ensuring that specific organizational data is accurate to the needs that should be considered at a time. Various groups of people should consider having most of the activities that they are likely not to consider most of the activities that people should choose to get involved in at a time. The managers should only focus on the approaches that have the highest return on investments. The organization aims to ensure a considerably high-profit margin in almost all of the activities that it gets involved in, which requires a significantly well-defined approach to assist in ensuring organizational growth. The marketing is complete if the genders to ensure that marketing is done are also included.

In the Windsor fashions, women could serve as the best marketers since they understand the interests of women in clothing. The women can easily discuss the factors they consider in the clothing, Identify the people who are likely to fit in certain clothing types and those who cannot.

Expanding the markets to Asia and Australia could be one of the key entities that could ensure that the organization gains significant influence in the markets. The rising middle-class populations in the regions promise a significant opportunity for the organization to be prepared to ensure that the organization influences the expected markets. The company can also have contracted delivery services to assist in delivering products outside the United States. The transport if the products may be difficult even after and appropriate marketing approaches. Marketing is also effective if the potential client realizes that the products can reach them without unnecessary struggles.

The company should use adverts that embrace the African and Asian cultures to attract people. The population gets interested in their culture. It is easier to attract them using the culture than coming ups with the unique approaches to modernize. African and Asian cultures tend to have more masculinity in their approaches. Approaches that are likely to establish masculinity approaches would ensure that the potential customers feel comfortable in purchasing the organization’s goods.

The company would allocate the funds necessary to ensure that the proposal is implemented to have the proposal applied to completion. The Windsor company has to ensure that it has most of the activities taken care of at a time. Various groups of people have significantly different perspectives that they have to choose from at a time. The company would also use its loyal employees to develop the policies and ethics that would promote the effectual decisions to promote marketing during the pandemics (Peris,Ripollés & Pérez 2020). The company would use technology and collaborations with feminist organizations to resonate with its intentions of empowering women. The company should focus on getting into partnerships to allow for the understanding of the African and Asian cultures to easily penetrate the new markets. The whole activity intends to ensure market expansions. The markets’ approach would include well-researched marketing planning to ensure that the desired influence on the markets. The regional originalities need to be considered. Therefore, local influences and models need to be used in marketing. The regions need to be independently inspired to achieve the targets in areas.

The approach aims to ensure that organization can gain more profits and sales with the proposal. In case of failure of any approach, the organization should be ready to drop the proposal that has failed (Peris,Ripollés & Pérez 2020). The aim is to hold solely to the approaches that are likely to improve sales. Appropriate leadership to ensure teamwork would be the key to the success of the whole activity. Good leadership includes good communication to ensure that everyone acts in the most appropriate ways towards achieving organizational goals.

V. Conclusion
In summary, marketing requires the input of leaders to do sufficient analysis of the markets before deciding on the appropriate approaches to focus on at a time. Windsor Fashions LLC has suffered a blow during the pandemic due to the approach it gives to marketing. The organization mainly focuses on the American Markets, thus limiting its involvement in other areas, including Africa and Asia. Asia and Africa equally have a rising middle-class population that is likely to be its customers. In as much as marketing is the key aim of organizations to ensure success, it is always fair to have transparency. The marketer needs to show the disadvantages of their products as much as they might show their advantages. The holding of people in influential positions in the organization needs to be free and fair.

The approach to the improvement of Windsor fashions sales includes the identification of the problem, aligning the probable solutions, and implementing them. The return on investment of every solution should be calculated to determine the approach that could be a flop and focusing on destroying them. The organization needs to expand its marketing approaches to Asia and Africa. The approach should be culturally oriented to attract customers. The Asian and the African regions have a more masculine approach to a culture that defines the probability of getting a high consumer to turn up if the approaches are chosen towards ensuring organizational success.










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