Case Study on Moral Status

Based on “Case Study: Fetal Abnormality” and the required topic study materials, write a 750-1,000-word reflection that answers the following questions:
1. What is the Christian view of the nature of human persons, and which theory of moral status is it compatible with? How is this related to the intrinsic human value and dignity?

2. Which theory or theories are being used by Jessica, Marco, Maria, and Dr. Wilson to determine the moral status of the fetus? What from the case study specifically leads you to believe that they hold the theory you selected?

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Case Study on Moral Status
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3. How does the theory determine or influence each of their recommendations for action?

4. What theory do you agree with? Why? How would that theory determine or influence the recommendation for action?

Remember to support your responses with the topic study materials:


Here is additional information that the professor posted that will help you for this assignment above! feedback from the professor to help you write it:

For this writing assignment: …
Create a paragraph for each of the adults in the Case Study as a way to organize your paper: Jessica, Aunt Maria, Dr. Wilson, and Mario. State which of the five theories they are using (actually name the theory(ies)). Make your case for each one after having studied the theories. Clearly state your own theory: no fence-sitting. Take a stand and make your case, using resources to support your claims (the Bible is considered a resource).
YOU MUST USE THE MORAL STATUS CATEGORIES FOUND IN THE TEXT (PRACTICING DIGNITY) CHAPTER 2 TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT. (screenshots of this text is attached. Again I can not digitally upload the book).
VIEW THE KHAN VIDEO (optional):​

Chapter 2 of Practicing Dignity (section on Moral Status) distinguishes five theories of moral status. The following five theories commonly used by bioethicists are: (1) a theory based on human properties, (2) a theory based on cognitive properties, (3) a theory based on moral agency, (4) a theory based on sentience, and (5) a theory based on relationships. Each of the above theories takes a selected characteristic or set of characteristics, and views it as that which confers moral status upon a being.

I already did this part kinda.. its just summarized… just add more to it obviously…

Moral status theory-based cognitive properties:
This theory utilizes cognitive abilities as the foundation of assigning moral status to an entity (Practicing Dignity). This, under this theory, the moral status of an entity is assessed and determined based on its ability to portray cognitive abilities such as reasoning and communication.
Moral status theory based on human properties:
This theory perceives that an entity is assigned a moral status based on it has human properties such as DNA, and relational in nature (Practicing Dignity).
Moral status theory based on sentience:
Under this theory, people use sentience as the most crucial factor in determining if an entity has moral status (Practicing Dignity).
Moral status theory based on relationships:
This theory is based on the human ability to create a relationship with others as an essential aspect of determining their moral status (Practicing Dignity). In this theory, relationships, where on, is valued, give them a sense of worth and significance.
Moral status theory based on moral agency:
This theory perceives identifying an entity that can represent a moral agent as the most important thing in assigning an entity a moral status (Practicing Dignity).

I want to offer some hints on completing this assignment. The five theories of moral status can be a bit tricky to grasp, so at the following.

The assignment of moral status determines how a fetus might be ethically treated. Each of the characters in the case study operate out of their own understanding of why the baby might or might not have moral status (and therefore deserve to be treated in a certain way). You are being asked to describe the characters’ theories and then describe your own view on why the fetus should or should not be assigned moral status.
Many students have trouble with this! Hint: when talking about the “Theory based on Moral Agency” the case study is referring to the moral agency of the fetus, not of the parents or physician. Do not apply this theory to the adults in the case. We know that they have moral status and are moral agents. If you are going to argue that an adult in the case study uses this theory to justify moral status for the baby, then you must answer the question: Does the fetus have moral agency? And you must demonstrate how that is.
Hint: The same goes for the “Theory based on Sentience.” Consider whether or not the fetus has sentience? (not the parents or physician). From the parents’ and physicians perspective, does the fetus have sentient properties?
Hint: The same is true for the “Theory based on Cognitive Properties” and the “Human Properties” theory. Consider whether or not the fetus has cognitive properties to make your assessment as to which theory is being applied by the people in the study to determine moral status.


Here is the topic study materal:
Attached to this is screenshots of the textbook that you will need. I cannot digitally upload the book The school does not let me. Also attached is the case study that ABSOLUTELY DO NEED FOR THIS. It is labeled CASE STUDY.
Here also is links that I do believe is also needed which is concerned the topic study material links of topics of this week’s readings and videos that you may need to complete this assignment so please look at everything to answer the questions above for the essay:

View the video “Philosophy – Ethics: Moral Status,” by Jeff Sebo, from Wireless Philosophy. URL:

The Joni and Friends website is recommended: URL:

Human Dignity: A First Principle “Human Dignity: A First Principle,” by Mitchell, from Ethics & Medicine (2014).

The Dilemma of Prenatal Screening “The Dilemma of Prenatal Screening,” by Best, from Ethics & Medicine: An International Journal of Bioethics(2018).

Abortion Opposing Viewpoints “Abortion Opposing Viewpoints” from the Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection (2018).

The Feminist Case Against Abortion “The Feminist Case Against Abortion,” by Foster, from The Human Life Review (2017).

The Metaphysical Status of the Embryo: Some Arguments Revisited “The Metaphysical Status of the Embryo: Some Arguments Revisited,” by Oderberg, from Journal of Applied Philosophy (2008).

A Christian Philosopher’s View of Recent Directions in the Abortion Debate “A Christian Philosopher’s View of Recent Directions in the Abortion Debate,” by Lee, from Christian Bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality (2004).

Moral Status and the Margins of Human Life “Moral Status and the Margins of Human Life,” by Lee, from the American Journal of Jurisprudence (2015).


White, N. (2020). God, Humanity, and Human Dignity. Practicing Dignity An Introduction to Christian Values and Decision Making in Health Care.

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