Case Study Summary

Week 7 Team – Case Study Summary

Step 1: Reads the case study

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Case Study Summary
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Case Lorenzo:
The case of Lorenzo.

Lorenzo, 16 years old, is sent to a family guidance clinic by his parents. During the first session the counselor sees Lorenzo and his parents together. She tells the parents in his presence that what she and Lorenzo discuss will be confidential and that she will not disclose information acquired through the sessions without his permission. The parents seem to understand that confidentiality is necessary for trust to develop between their son and his counselor.
At first Lorenzo is reluctant to come in for counseling. Eventually, as the sessions go on, he discloses that he has a serious drug problem. Lorenzo’s parents know that he was using drugs at one time, but he has told them that he is no longer using them. The counselor listens to anecdote after anecdote about Lorenzo’s use of illegal drugs, about how “I am loaded at school every day,” and about a few brushes with death when he was under the influence of illegal substances. Finally, she tells Lorenzo thatshe does not want the responsibility of knowing he is experimenting with illegal drugs and that she will not agree to continue the counseling relationship unless he stops using them. At this stage she agrees not to inform his parents, on the condition that he quits using drugs, but she does tell him that she will be talking with one of her colleagues about the situation.
Lorenzo apparently stops using drugs for several weeks. However, one night while he is under the influence of methamphetamine he has a serious automobile accident. As a result of the accident, Lorenzo is paralyzed for life. Lorenzo’s parents angrily assert that they had a legal right to be informed that he was seriously involved in drug use, and they file suit against both the counselor and the agency.
What is your general impression of the way Lorenzo’s counselor handled the case?
Do you think the counselor acted in a responsible way toward the client? the parents? the agency?
If you were convinced that Lorenzo was likely to hurt himself or others because of his drug use and his emotional instability, would you have informed his parents, even at the risk of losing Lorenzo as a client? Why or why not?
Which of the following courses of action could you have taken if you had been Lorenzo’s counselor? Check as many as you think are appropriate:
State the legal limits on you as a therapist during the initial session.
Consult with the supervisor of the agency as well as with other colleagues.
Refer Lorenzo for psychological testing to determine the degree of his emotional disturbance.
Refer Lorenzo to a psychiatrist for treatment.
Continue to see Lorenzo without any stipulations.
Insist on a session with Lorenzo’s parents as a condition of continuing counseling.
Inform the police or other authorities.
Document your decision-making process with a survey of pertinent research.
What potential ethical violations do you see in this case?
Commentary. This case emphasizes the importance of doing a thorough assessment of a client. When Lorenzo spoke of “a few brushes with death,” it was clear that he was a danger to himself, which was cause for the counselor to take immediate action. This therapist wanted to believe Lorenzo’s story and failed to take the necessary steps to prevent harmful consequences to her client. This case demonstrates how important it is to set limits to confidentiality based on the counselor’s assessment (danger to self or others) and highlights the issue of informed consent. Although the counselor promised confidentiality at the outset, many circumstances and jurisdictional requirements may necessitate disclosure of confidential information to both an official agency and to the parents or legal guardians. When explaining informed consent, counselors who routinely work with minors need to clarify the various exceptions to confidentiality in language minor clients can understand.

Step 2: Write a 240 word summary of your discussion about the case and its legal and ethical implications. Include the following:

Step 3: Write a short summary about the case of Lorenzo. Talk about Lorenzo who is he age his case. This has to be short 2 sentences short .

Step 4: Describe the importance of professional consultation? That should include describe clinical course of action, weighing risk and benefits.

What risk don’t just say yes. What happened to him

Keep in mind APA format. 2 references max or one. And most important 240 word count total including all this information

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