company: Apple /topic- Corporate scandal

General information please read everything on this doc and final paper assignment instructions in details is below!
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(c) Final paper: 40% of your course grade
For your final project, you will write a final paper on a topic related to the course content; more details will be provided at least one month before the end of the semester. Your grade will be based on your knowledge of the subject, the thoughtfulness and rigor of your analysis, and quality of your writing. The paper should be no more than 1300 words, plus appropriate appendices, charts and/or exhibits. Quotes should not make up a significant percentage, e.g., more than 10%, of your paper. The paper will be due on the date noted below in the Class Schedule.

Company name: Apple
Looking for the corporate scandal
Please use the rubric below !

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company: Apple /topic- Corporate scandal
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Grades are based on: (a) homework assignments; (b) a midterm exam; (c) a final paper; and (d) class attendance and participation. The grading breakdowns and a detailed description of each item are given below.

Grading Criteria: Unless an assignment says otherwise, all assignments, including class participation, will be evaluated on the basis of your demonstrated comprehension of the course materials and your ability to articulate and support an informed and critical analysis of the issues presented. For any oral or written assignment:

• Take a position in a way that makes sense.
• Answer all questions in your own words (do not repeat items verbatim from the textbook or question prompt or, worse, copy something off the Internet).
• Do not needlessly repeat yourself.
• Fully consider the implications of your position, decisions and conclusions.
• Take the opportunity to rise to a challenge – don’t be afraid to tackle tough issues.
• Ask questions if you do not understand something, or you need more information. Sometimes being aware of what you do not know is as important as being aware of what you do know.

Additional Criteria for Written Assignments: Your written work for this class should be of high quality. Thus, written assignment evaluations will also consider:

• Did you use appropriate frameworks from the class that are relevant to the problem?
• Are all sources cited appropriately? (See notes below regarding academic integrity, and note that I take a zero tolerance approach regarding plagiarism).
• Is the writing should be clear and concise, with supporting exhibits (tables, graphics, etc.) included as necessary?
• Whether they have been proofread for proper their grammar, clarity spelling, and punctuation. If writing in English is not your best skill, please consult the additional resources available at Rutgers (including online or on-campus resources) for help.

The following is a rubric (guideline) for how I will assess your written work (i.e., homework, quizzes, tests, and papers).

100-90 VERY GOOD/
Comprehensiveness Follows all directions; hits all issues thoroughly;
Exceeds measures Follows directions; hits major issues. Follows some directions; addresses some issues. Follows some or no directions; addresses few or no issues.
Analysis and
Recommendations All arguments and recommendations are clear, original, and compelling; provides great rationale for all. Most of the arguments and recommendations are strong; gives rationale for most aspects. Some of the arguments and recommendations are good; gives rationale for some aspects. Few or none of the arguments and recommendations are good; simply re-states the obvious.

Organization Paper has a logical structure & good paragraph breaks; has informative subheadings. Paper has evident structure & paragraph breaks; has subheadings. Paper has ambiguous structure; subheadings could be better. Paper structure is not apparent; thoughts are in a disorganized sequence.
Support All arguments supported by strong facts, sources, and citations. Most arguments supported by facts, sources, and citations. Some arguments supported by facts, sources, and citations. Few or no arguments supported by facts, sources, and citations.
Zero grammar, typographical, spelling, usage errors, or ‘widows’. Few grammar, typographical, spelling or usage errors. Some grammar, typographical, spelling or usage errors. Many grammar, typographical, spelling or usage errors.

Final paper instructions in detail!!! Please follow all of this! Thanks!
You will be assigned, at random, a specific company or organization that has experienced some kind of a corporate scandal. You must write your paper on this company/organization. Several of you will have the same organization. You may discuss the topic and share information, but your final paper must reflect your own work.
Research the company and the issue. Then, prepare and submit an analytical and informative case study that responds to the following:
1. Provide a brief factual summary of the “scandal” or problem encountered. If the company/organization has multiple scandals, and I have not picked one for you, you can pick just one or talk about a systemic pattern of issues (your choice).
2. What were the ethical issue(s) involved?
a. Be sure not to substitute legal or reputational wrongs for ethics wrongs. Focus on the ethics. Why was this considered to be wrong?
b. Did the scandal relate to an ethical issue discussed in Chapters 5-10 (e.g., CSR, employment, technology, marketing, environment, or governance and fraud?
3. Who were the “victims” of this scandal? What other key stakeholders were involved, and how were they affected?
4. Offer your analysis about how the situation could have been different had the decision makers involved used the ethical decision-making practices.
a. What could have been done to avoid this scandal?
b. Use your own “moral imagination” here, but some ideas to get you started:
i. Did we need more laws and/or government regulation?
ii. What internal controls might have prevented this situation?
iii. Was the problem simply a matter of individuals doing wrong, or was it more systemic and organizational?
iv. Did the company/organization’s culture contribute to the problem?
5. Offer your analysis regarding whether the scandal reflects a problem in the industry, in society, or something else. You may consider that this was not an ethical failure; if so, explain why.
6. Finally, if you were graduating from RBS (Rutgers business school) and had an offer to work for this company/organization with a very attractive salary and benefits package, would you?
a. How do your own morals affect your decision?
b. Support your statements using what you have learned from this class (including concepts with which you may agree or disagree).

Logistics and Rules
Your paper must be no more than 1,300 words, inclusive of all in-text citations, bibliography, charts, and other references. Remember that Blackboard often counts more words than your software program; don’t take the chance of exceeding the word limit.
Papers must be submitted via Blackboard in Word format (or other Blackboard readable format). Papers submitted after the deadline will be penalized 20 points if submitted from 8:01 pm on 4 May until 8 pm on 5 May, and another 20 additional points if submitted as late as 6 May at 8 pm. I will not accept papers after 6 May at 8 pm without a documented excuse. If you have any concerns about the internet or computer problems, you may wish to submit your paper a bit early to ensure it is successfully submitted.
All the criteria and requirements in the Syllabus regarding written assignments (clarity of writing, proofreading, professionalism, page limits, etc.) must be followed and, as always, all academic integrity guidelines for Rutgers will be strictly enforced. All sources of external information should be cited both in the text and in your bibliography. You may use websites and services that assist you in improving the quality of your writing (e.g., Writing Center, You may not use websites and services that will write papers for you, conduct research for you, or give you other students’ papers to use (e.g., Coursehero,
Please follow this schedule below so I know that you are working on my paper and so I can see what your doing and make sure this is a flawless paper since is 40% of my grade and it is count as my final exam! Thanks!
The only mandatory deadline is 4 May; however, I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities for brief feedback:
• 2 April – Paper assigned and “groups” created by company/organization
• 8 April – Questions about topic and/or company submitted to me (via Group Discussion Board), to be answered by 11 April
• 17 April – Submit outline of paper to me for comment (as an Attempt <3/4 page), with responses from me by 22 April
• 4 May – Final paper due not later than 8 pm (two Attempts allowed)
Grading: 100 points possible (40% of your final grade)
• Part 1: 10 points
• Parts 2-4: 40 points
• Parts 5-6: 30 points
• Overall quality of writing: 20 points
Please Please! Please! keep me updated for the drafts every week so at least 1 draft and plagiarism free and also hand in a draft for me by April 16th by 12:00 at night eastern time USA so I can submit my draft for my professor’s comments so she can double check for me and point out any errors. Thank you so much!

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