Criminal Justice Sociology Paper

Place all parts of the assignment in one word document. You may upload as many attempts as needed, but only the last attempt will be graded.
The documentary film Fashion Factories Undercover (Documentary): Real Stories and Matamoros: The Human Face of Globalization examines the “fast fashion” industry and considers dynamics from factory worker to global market; exploring numerous issues pertaining to sweatshop labor, race, gender, culture, employee-employer dynamics, economic development, the environment, and globalization—among others.

Upon completion of Assignment 3, you will:
Identify and describe core theoretical arguments, concepts, and contributions of classical social theorists.
Summarize the connection between theory and analytic approach in social science inquiry.
Identify, apply, and critically evaluate how key concepts and theoretical frameworks lend insight into understanding the realities of modern society and social life.
Develop critical thinking, discussion, and writing skills to effectively interpret, apply, evaluate, and critique various concepts and theoretical frameworks covered.
Your task is to write a 6-8 page analysis applying, interpreting, and critiquing the theoretical concepts and claims of ONE of the classical theorists we’ve covered relative to interactions, events, and/or broader processes addressed in the films. First, you will select from:

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Criminal Justice Sociology Paper
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Emile Durkheim,
Karl Marx,
Max Weber,
W.E.B. Du Bois,
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Georg Simmel
Secondly, draw from this theorist’s work (interpreting and applying their key concepts/ideas) to develop an explanation of the phenomena depicted in the film.

Additionally, you will provide a critique of how the contributions of the theorist you select fall short. That is, you will describe and substantiate at least TWO areas in which “your” theorist neglects dynamics and/or processes shown in the film. You must fully develop your points of critique and devote at least one paragraph to each.

Throughout your analysis you need to BE VERY SPECIFIC and provide DETAILED EXAMPLES. You must describe each concept/theory required for “your” theorist and apply them to examples drawn from the film. Importantly, your description of each concept/theory needs to be developed based on information from the course textbook and written in your own words (i.e., don’t simply copy the definition/description word-for-word from the textbook or internet). You must draw a clear link between each concept/theory you engage and the examples you provide. You may use 3 quotes total from “your” theorist’s original works (or the textbook more generally); however, no single quote may exceed 45 words. Citations should follow ASA guidelines (In-text citations must be used when appropriate and a reference page included).

Remember, this is a theory class, so the goal of this analysis is: 1) for you to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts/theories you’ve learned (i.e., use the terms and concepts appropriately throughout your analysis); and 2) for you to show you can apply this knowledge to explain various social phenomena.

Key Concepts/Ideas that Must be Interpreted & Applied to the film (choose only one theorist):
Durkheim:functionalist perspective; social facts; collective conscience; organic solidarity; anomie; fatalistic suicide
Marx: class structure (bourgeoisie/proletariat); exploitation & coercion; commodity fetishism; alienation; false consciousness; class consciousness
Weber: class & status; power; instrumental & value-rational action; rationalization (i.e., bureaucratization); irrationalities of rationalization
Du Bois: intersection of race & class; color line; the veil; double consciousness; talented tenth; false consciousness
Perkins Gilman: intersection of gender & class; economy as primary evolutionary structure; self-preservation & species-preservation; symbolic interactionism; false consciousness; intellectual vanguard
Simmel: interdependent duality; form of interaction (conflict/cooperation); exchange value (desire/sacrifice); social distance; the stranger; tragedy of culture

Formatting Guidelines:
Your analysis MUST meet the following formatting guidelines: double-spaced; 1 inch margins; 12-point font; Times New Roman. In addition, names, course information, titles and headings, etc. do not count toward page length. Lastly, you may go over the page limit without penalty; however, assignments that do not meet the 6 page minimum WILL BE SEVERELY PENALIZED.
(1 page = 23 lines of text)

** Papers with numerous grammatical errors will NOT receive a grade higher than a C.
**If you select Marx or Du Bois for your analysis, your critique CANNOT discuss the lack
of a communist revolution or issues related to utopia…it’s too easy!!
**Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source. Do NOT use Wikipedia!!

Your Paper Structure Requirements:
Select 1 of the 6 Social Theorist provided.
Include the list of concepts/ideas for the Theorist within the paper to develop an explanation of the phenomena depicted in the film:
Include their description of each concept/theory needs to be developed based on information from the textbook,
written in your own words,
must draw a clear link between each concept/theory you engage and the examples you provide.
Only 3 total quotes can be used from selected theorist
No single quote may exceed 45 words.
All information obtained from sources must have an in-text citation following ASA guidelines and be within the reference page (Also, in ASA format).
Be very specific and provide detailed examples.
Provide a critique of how the contributions of the theorist fall short:
Must be in two areas in which selected theorist neglects a. dynamics and/or b. processes shown in the film.

Paragraph Requirements:
Each of the 6 concepts/ideas should follow this format, as well as, both critiques (2): include 1-3 below in each paragraph, the paragraph should be in complete sentences, and include in-text citation in ASA format as outlined above for any information obtain.

The answer in your own words,
A quote/paraphrased sentence(s) from the text (in-text citation from textbook), and
An explanation of how the quote reflects the student’s response. This is where you discuss the connections between 1 and 2.

Rubric for paragraph structure: Worth 136 points (17 points each (8 in total))
0 points: Did not answer the question(s).
6 points: Answered the question(s) partially and had incomplete sentences.
10 points: Answered all of the question(s) with a, b, and/or c and were in complete sentences. Also attempted in-text citation.
17 points: Answered all of the question(s) with a-c identified below and in complete sentences. Also successfully completed in-text citation.

Mandatory Requirement: Worth 16 points
6-8 pages (6-page minimum not including reference page)

Formatting Requirements: 3 points each: Worth 18 points
1-inch margins
12-point font
Times New Roman
Full name
Course information (Title & Section #)

ASA Formatting:
ASA stands for American Sociological Association. This is the citation format used by sociologists. Keep in mind, it is important to cite all of your information. There are different editions. For this assignment we are looking at the 5th edition.

The style guide link is: Purdue Website.

For example: textbook as an ASA style guide 5th edition is:

Foley, Neil. 2014. Mexicans in the Making of America. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

ASA In-text Citation explanation: This section is already accounted for in your paragraph structure.
The ASA style format for in-text citation should have: (Author’s last name yr published:page number).

Example: “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” (Elephant 2007:7).

ASA Formatting Requirements for Reference Page: Worth 30 points
Reference page title: 5 point
Your reference list is organized by alphabetical order of the author’s last name: 5 points
All references on your list follow the ASA 5th edition style guide order: 10 points
All references on your list follow the ASA 5th edition style guide correctly: 10 points

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