Discussion response to classmate

1. Robert Hardnett
It isn’t you and you just It is always good practice to have a plan b.c.d. Things never go along the way in which you constructed a program for the family The efficient social worker would have an repertoire of skills, redirections, crisis de-escalation skills to assist with being effective(Koole et. al,2019). There will always be an client in which you are not considered therapeutic, but aversive, in these cases we just discuss with our supervisor, and it would usually be another individual added to your case. We sometimes have to hypothesize about training, what would our individual be more receptive towards and how many reinforcers would be needed to assist with adding skills (Tomrek et al., 2018). Baseline issues must be addressed before constructing programs, reinforcement, and continue stable functioning for the individual (Tomrick et al., 2018), Professional Secretary at the master’s level, requires more that thinking you would only deal with clinical concerns. It is interesting most prof.’s in college earned their master’s, school hire teachers that possess this degree, it is so expansive. The skills that we learn in professional social work will allow you to exhale, because, if one study and truly get to know individuals, you know when the green traffic light turn yellow and red. There are many individuals with dual diagnosis, and their M.I. diagnoses is difficult to work with, which is why I love I.D. individuals, teaching, learning and constructing programs for this population are closely practiced with immediately giving verbal reinforcement and you can pair with edibles moving from most to least with snacks, its all about constructing the personal constructs to ensure individuals move from most to least.
Tomruk, M., Ilçin, N., Yeşilyaprak, S. S., & Karadibak, D. (2018). The relationship between learning styles and academic performance in TURKISH physiotherapy students. BMC Medical Education, 18. doi:10.1186/s12909-018-1400-2
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2. Yvette Francis
Before I took the learning assessment, I thought about how I think I learn best. I have always said I am hands-on and learn best when I can do it myself. Reading a book or listening to a lecture doesn’t always resonate with my understanding of a topic. My results showed I am a Tactile/Kinesthetic learner. I learn best using my sense of touch, I should construct models if needed to improve my studying, and to be physically active while studying (“Tactile/kinesthetic Learner”, 2020). They also suggested listening to Baroque music, which is music from the Baroque period from 1600 to 1750, composed by Bach and Handel (“Baroque Orchestral Music”, 2020). This is not my favorite genre of music. However, I am willing to try it and see if it improves my ability to retain what I am trying to learn.

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Discussion response to classmate
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This assignment was an eye-opener for me. It made me realize how as Social workers, we need to take into account how patients learn or understand the information given to them. Everyone learns differently. When we educate, and instruct our patients, we have to realize their health literacy level and how will they comprehend the resources given to them. Education level has nothing to do with how they understand their diagnosis, or their medication, or what to do about it. We should strive to ask the patient how they learn best. Does printed information help, or do they need a more one-on-one approach? I am sure everyone has a story of when they did not understand something because of the way it was displayed to them.

A real-life example of not everyone learns the same.
I had a patient who came into the Emergency Department (ED) more than 15 times in a 45-day period for COPD exacerbation. I worked with the RN to see what could be done to help him not over-utilize the ED (Pulmonary appts, etc.). After speaking with the patient, I realized he may have some mental deficits that would impede him from understanding the gravity of his COPD. He had very low health literacy and was illiterate.
All the nurse kept focusing on was that he needed portal oxygen. He had a tank at home, she felt if he had one when he was away from home he wouldn’t have the issues he was having. I had to express to her, getting a portal tank would not completely solve the issue. She vehemently disagreed and felt I didn’t know what I was talking about because I was not clinical. I expressed, not matter how many oxygen tanks, concentrators, or portable cases, you give to the patient, if he doesn’t understand how to use them, it’s a moot point.
I spoke with the Social worker on staff that day to see about some sort of competency testing for the patient. I looked at the case from a different vantage point (being “non-clinical”). After the Social worker assessed the patient she agreed he may not have the mental capacity to understand what they were expecting him to do. We then, put the appropriate measures in place to assist the patient with his oxygen and educated him and his family on how to assist him. Once his inability to comprehend what they were telling him was addressed, the patient’s ED utilization was significantly decreased.
Baroque Orchestral Music (2020). Retrieved from https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/z2mv34j/revision/1
(Links to an external site.)
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3. Marisa Heinlein
Similar to the current services that are available through Chamberlain University, the writing assistance on Tutor.com, my last university offered an online writing center (Chamberlain University, n.d.). The online writing center provided feedback on papers that were submitted within 48 hours of the due date. I regularly completed my papers early so I could take advantage of this service as I recognized I needed assistance with my grammar and sentence structure for heavily weighed research papers.
In order to take advantage of the online writing center, I not only had to manage my time efficiently and limit my procrastination, but I had to take a moment to personally recognize that I needed this help in order to succeed. If I had not taken advantage of the writing center, I would not have received an overall 3.96 GPA upon graduation with my Masters of Public Health degree.
As a college student, especially an online college student, it is important to have self-recognition of abilities in order to be successful. In college, a professor is going to leave it up to the student to reach out if they need help, as a professor does not know a student needs help unless they ask (Oregon State University, n.d.). Personally, admitting to myself that I am not a strong writer was easier for me than it was to admit certain subjects I just cannot grasp like organic chemistry. It is important for a student to come to this realization and recognition of needing help with a certain topic or subject in order to be successful. By understanding the need for me to support myself as a student, I was able to be successful in asking for assistance.
Chamberlain University. (n.d.). MSW resources. https://chamberlain.instructure.com/courses/62425/external_tools/987
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4. Gwendolyn Warren
I attended school online after I obtained my BSW. I got sick with some medical problems and was under a great deal of stress. There were assignments that I did not understand, and I reached out and explained to them about me being new to online courses. I just did not feel the support at all. I have a Dr notes due to emergency and I did not do well in the class and I tried to file and appeal and still was unsuccessful. I can truly say that Dr. Wilson has gave me all the information I needed and directed me to sources to receive help. I am not gone say I am an expert but having support and words of encouragement means a lot. Even my admissions counselor has checked on me as well because they knew I worked hard to get all my information completed so that I could get enrolled. I would recommend Chamberlain to others because the reasons you have available are awesome. The tutoring setup would be good later in some of the social work courses. I do not feel like the previous online school provided me with the tools to be successful. I filed appeals and I got tired of it and it cost me money late that I had to pay but I will never again sit and not obtain the help that is available.
McNall, Laurel A.; Michel, Jesse S. Community, Work & Family. Jul2017, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p253-272. 20p. DOI: 10.1080/13668803.2016.1249827. ,

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