dueling between Alexandra Hamilton and Aaron Burr

The course will include one ten-page paper, which will include sourced material. Note that this paper will be required to be in Times New Roman font at the 12 -point scale. Students must use correct grammar and demonstrate historical knowledge and analysis in order to receive full credit for their paper. For that reason students may want to submit a draft of their essay to HCC’s “Ask Online” Service (http://www.hccs.askonline.net) for review. Students whose work is submitted with grammatical and historical errors will have points deducted from their grade. Outside material will be required to be properly sourced and referenced. The topic paper will be due March 9. The paper is due April 27. It is your responsibility to turn the paper in time. Your topic is what is an area of history termed counterfactual, the what if scenario. The paper will be divided into three parts.
1. The first part is your description of an actual historical event. You are free to choose any event, as long it is relevant to American History and the time period of the course.
2. The second part is you will change a part of that event and how that affected the outcome. This means an actual change with reason. It isn’t enough to say “slavery did not exist”, I need to know why in your new history it never occurred. For example Hitler did not invade Moscow because he had more accurate intel about the Russian defenders on the European front. 3. The third part you must expand on what that change has meant to the rest of history to the present day. Think logically about the repercussions, both for good or ill. Using the above example Germany not exposing it to a two front war concentrates on Britain and conquers it. Germany then invades Russia, but not during the winter and with the full Nazi force overwhelming the Russians, allows them to take over the country.
There will be a sample paper accessible on my Learning Web page.

1. There will be a topic paper. This will be a part of your grade. You are free to choose with some constraints, what you may be considering to change and some ramifications. This is paper will be typed with a possible topic, at least one bibliographies of titles that you looked at. The window for this paper is slight, it will not be accepted one week before the full paper or afterward. The topic paper is due March 9 and count for part of your final paper’s grade.

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dueling between Alexandra Hamilton and Aaron Burr
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2. At least three outside sources (Wikipedia is not a source), meaning other than your textbooks. These can be from any form (Book, article, internet) as long as they are properly sourced in either endnotes or footnotes.

3. Font is Times New Roman size 12

4. Endnotes or footnotes are to be used, not parenthetical citation.

5. Pages must be numbered. Placement does not matter.

6. Preferred spacing is 1.5, but double spacing is acceptable as long as the page count is ten full pages.

7. Page count is ten pages. Anything below that will be marked off. If you try to expand your page count by not following the above rules, your paper will be marked off. Illustrations, graphs, tables and the like will not count to page count.

8. Any subject matter is allowed as long as it is well researched and conforms to the course. If you do not it is automatic failure. The only exception to this is the slight overlap of 1301 and 1302. If you do want to do a paper that is slightly beyond the course please talk to me. If you write a paper about WWII and you are taking 1301 you will fail.
9. I do not want to hear a political screed. For example, if you write a paper about the legalization of marijuana, that paper needs to be well researched, documented, and showing understanding of historical materials. If all that you give me are reasons why it should be a certain way no matter what the subject matter is, it will be an automatic failure. Please note, that this isn’t a ban against controversial subjects, but rather a suggestion that if you do a controversial subject that it be very well researched and written.

10. Amount of pages devoted to each chapter is subjective. You should devote your bulk of your paper to the first section with some devotion to the second and third sections being couple pages. Do not give section two and three two small paragraphs at the end of page ten that will be considered inadequate for the assignment. Ideally you should have five pages for your first section, two your second, and three for your third, but that only a loose page count. Also, please note that there isn’t a penalty for going over the page count.

11. Grammar and spelling will only count if errors are excessive. A few errors are okay. Do realize that spell check do not catch everything.

12. No orphans, which are the one sentence of a paragraph on a new page. If this occurs, please edit.

13. Papers should have cover sheet, with name, date, and class period. I have other classes and if I don’t know which class you are in it may cause some problems. Note that the cover sheet does not count towards the page count. Also do not put cover sheet information on your first page.

14. Papers should have a bibliography. The bibliography is separate from your endnotes or footnotes. Note that the bibliography does not count towards the page count.

Grade Scale

1. No Topic Paper- 10 points

2. No Sourcing. If you do not source facts, quotes or ideas not your own, it is automatically -40 points

3. Parenthetical citation instead of footnotes or endnotes: -10 Points

4. Page Count: -5 points per missing page. Please note that any tricks to increase page count will also be counted and graded against page count.

5. Excessive grammatical and/or spelling errors: -10 points

6. Inconstancy in spacing, format, sourcing, etc: -10 points

7. No Bibliography/Work Cited: -10 points

8. Three Outside Sources: -20 points per source

9. Wikipedia as a source: -10 points

10. No Cover Sheet: -10 points

11. Cover Sheet Information on Page 1: -5 pts

12. Pages not Numbered: -5 pts

13 Not enough material dedicated to Part I: -30 points

14. Not enough material dedicated to Part II: or Part III -20 points

15. Political Screed without historical backing: Automatic Failure

16. Not on topic for an American History Class: Automatic Failure

17. Plagiarism: Automatic Failure of Paper and Course, with recommendation for probation or dismissal from the college system

18. Paper Turned in after 24 hr grace period: -10 points per week

19. No Paper Turned in: 0 for Assignment
As it is evident in the grading scale it is possible to receive a grade in the negative range. The best hedge against this is to have someone proofread your paper, such as the Writing Lab and HCC’s “Ask Online” Service (http://www.hccs.askonline.net). It goes without saying that procrastination will cause a lower grade

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