Journal : Assignment Adult Education and Online Hate

Please read the instructions and the subsequent Note carefully before you begin your assignment.

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You will find below two prompts. One requires you to Reflect, and the other to Evaluate.
Write a journal entry of 550 words addressing both prompts. Give equal importance to both parts.
A social movement is a group of people who are formed to promote a social change. Social movements that you might be familiar with are:

Arab Spring: Anti-government protests and rebellions that spread across a large part of the Arab world in the early 2010s.
Black Lives Matter: A movement, that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people.
Me Too: A movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

In recent years, social media has played a pivotal role in the promotion and dissemination of social movement’s ideas as well as providing a platform for sharing experiences and stories.

Part 1:

Watch the following two videos:

How online social movements translate to offline results
Tarana Burke On How The #MeToo Movement Started And Where It’s Headed


Using the Week 10 readings and videos to support your reflection, answer the following questions:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media as a tool for social change?
How does social media enable or constrain people’s abilities to discuss the issue(s) as they relate to the #MeToo movement? Are there enablers or constraints specific to the #MeToo movement or do they apply to all other social movements? Why?
Do you think that it is possible in the 21st century to create social change without using social media? Why or why not?
Part 2:

The Adult Education & Online Hate project “aims to enhance Canadians’ abilities to respond to and engage with contentious socio-political issues impacting their communities. It leverages the power of connections between prominent adult education models and different social media platforms in order to foster informal learning spaces in which critical conversations about social structures and justice or injustice may be pursued”.
View the videos on the Adult Education and Online Hate project page to get a better understanding of the project.

Adult Education and Online Hate Overview (1:12)

Review the series of animated videos that describe Alex’ story.

Alex’ Story Video 1 (1:47)
Alex’ Story Video 2 (2:23)
Alex’ Story Video 3 (1:23)
Alex’ Story Video 4 (1:46)

Carefully review the supporting documentation for the Adult Education and Online Hate project. This document describes each of Alex’s interventions in greater detail. (

Before you write your Evaluation section, remember that each of Alex’s videos uses an adult education methodology as well as a social media platform / technology to apply that methodology. Make sure you name and understand the adult education methodology used in each video and describe its characteristics. Also make sure you understand how social media platforms are used to implement the specific adult education methodologies.


If you had to choose one of Alex’ interventions to tackle misogyny in your own community, which would you choose? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this intervention? Would you attempt to tackle this issue through online interventions? Justify your choices.


What do “reflect” and “evaluate” mean in this assignment?

Reflection, in this context, requires you to think about what you learned about social movement and your own experiences in relation to what you learned in the lesson. Bring in your own perspectives and opinions, but remember to explain your reasoning. Provide concrete examples from the video or your personal experience wherever possible.

Evaluation, in this assignment, requires you to make a judgement about what is being asked. Most importantly, you need to provide a justification for your evaluation. For example, if in your judgement, you think one of the solutions proposed int eh Alex videos will not work, you need to provide a strong rationale for why you believe it to be so.


Address BOTH parts – Reflect and Evaluate.
Include a reference list at the end of your submission.
Provide a word count at the end of the piece.
Submit your journal entries only in one of the following formats: .doc, .odt, .txt

Pay attention to the due dates and close times for the Journal entries. They are always due at 11:59 pm. Consult the course agenda for dates. Late submissions, after 12 am (midnight), will not be accepted. Limit your journal to 550 words. Your TA will stop reading your journal at the 575 words count.


Adapted from rubric developed by Dr. Vivek Venkatesh, and Manasvini Narayana based on J. R. Biggs’ SOLO Taxonomy; and adapted from criteria developed by Dr. Allyson Hadwin, and the Theory of Knowledge Essay Assessment Instrument by the International Baccalaureate Organization.




10- 8.5


A+ to A-



Very Good

B+ to B-




C+ to C-



Marginal Pass

D+ to D-


Less than 5.0





Fail/Did Not Write



Quality of Reflection on Course Materials



Clear command of course concepts and terminology.

Articulates in-depth understanding of the theory and applies it to personal experiences or the case provided in an original and insightful manner.

Analyzes these examples through the course materials and may synthesize ideas from multiple sources.


Clarity of course concepts and terminology.

Articulates understanding of the theory and applies it appropriately to personal experiences or the case provided. Analyzes these examples using the course materials in a relevant way.


Has a mostly correct understanding of course concepts and terminology. Articulates some understanding of the theory and attempts to apply it to personal experiences or the case provided. Makes an attempt to analyze these examples using the course materials.


Patchy understanding of course concepts and terminology.

Articulates minimal understanding of the theory and applies it to personal experiences or the case provided in an incorrect manner.

Provides minimal to no examples of personal experiences, or does not use the case provided. Analyzes these examples with no evidence from the theories discussed.


Articulates minimal to no understanding of the theory and does not apply it to personal experiences or the case provided.

Ideas are poorly developed and lack evidence to support claims.


Assignment not completed







Essay not relevant to task



Quality of Evaluation of Project Someone Components



Contains well-supported ideas and hypotheses. Critically examines the project in the context of the course materials. May integrate multiple sources to make new connections.


Contains ideas and hypotheses that are mostly supported within the context of course materials. Critically examines the project in the context of the course materials.



Contains ideas and hypotheses that are somewhat supported within the context of course materials. Attempts to examine the project in the context of the course materials.



Contains ideas that are unsupported and not very relevant to the course materials. Attempts to examine the project or make new connections, but not within the context of course materials.


Contains no ideas or ideas that are not relevant to the course. Any ideas are unsupported and there is no attempt to examine the project.


Overall quality characteristics


Cogent, Accomplished, Discerning, Individual, Lucid, Insightful, Compelling


Pertinent, Relevant, Thoughtful, Analytical, Organized, Credible,


Typical, Acceptable, Mainstream, Adequate, Coherent


Underdeveloped, Basic, Superficial, Derivative, Rudimentary, Limited


Ineffective, Descriptive, Incoherent, Formless

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