Immigration – critical analysis

For this final paper we will be focusing on migration and immigration. You will need to define migration or immigration generally, then explain specifically what part you will be talking about and take a stance (for or against) on a specific form. In order to anchor your claims, you will identify a news article that discusses migration or immigration and critically analyze the position is offers. Begin by explaining the situation that the article discusses and explain why or why you do not support it. Explain your position by backing up your claims with scholarly evidence and use articles from the BCC library (3 scholarly articles). You will need to evaluate the opposite side of the argument and what the persuasive arguments are on both sides. Then, explain why the audience should agree with your side. Personal examples are allowed as evidence but do not count toward your reference minimum. You are welcome to build off your previous assignment and incorporate a specific social movement’s perspective to support your own. This assignment will be 1,000-1,500 words and should contain an introduction, body, conclusion and will combine knowledge of all concepts discussed this semester. A more detailed assignment sheet will be posted on Canvas for your review.

For this assignment you will be required to watch ONE news article and analyze the persuasive message. You will need to clearly articulate the cultural messages employed, provide an explanation of the target audience, and identify any possible logical fallacies required to “buy into” the message(s) of the article.

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Immigration – critical analysis
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Ultimately, the GOAL of this assignment is for you to analyze the language and images of a news article in order to understand how these elements are used to put forth an implicit argument.

Steps to creating this paper:

Select your article and figure out what arguments are being put forward. a). are they for/against migration? What are the claims and conclusions? Reasons?
While you are researching your chosen article consider the following questions:
a) What is the position is the article explicitly selling or advocating? Implicitly selling or advocating?
b) Is there a specific setting, location, or time utilized?
c) Are there slogans, mascots, or recognizable people in the article? What effect do they have?
d) Is the author’s position part of an overall / larger social movement?
e) Who is the intended audience (this should be VERY specific)?
f) What rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos) are present?
g) Are logical fallacies present? Which ones? Are they convincing despite themselves?
h) Does the argument of the article have the same affect in another country/culture?

These questions above should act solely as a reference point for you because if you answer these questions in your paper as they appear it would lead to a chaotic essay. For your final paper please focus on the claims, evidence, cultural message(s), rhetorical appeals, and fallacies in your analysis of this article and its overall argument.

3. Pre-write:Do a 5-minute pre-write on your article. This is meant to help you brainstorm the persuasive argument you think this article is making. Again, focus on the claims, evidence, cultural message(s), rhetorical appeals, and fallacies in your analysis of this article’s its overall argument.

Develop a Clear Thesis Statement: This is perhaps the most critical step in the writing process. You must ask yourself “What is my purpose for writing this essay?” Remember, a thesis statement should include a claim about the rhetorical effectiveness of your chosen article and why you are for or against it. It is NOT about whether or not you ultimately “like” or “dislike” the article, as this is largely irrelevant.

Develop an introduction with a Clear Thesis Statement: The introduction should start with an attention getter or hook. This should be cited, meaning that it should be a quote, fact, statistic or definition. You should cite it with a signal phrase (According to….) and in-text in a parenthetical citation.

Second, the introduction should include a clear thesis statement. This is perhaps the most critical step in the writing process (if needed review the handout “Strong vs. Weak Thesis Statements). You must ask yourself “What is my purpose for writing this essay?” Remember, a thesis statement should include a claim about the cultural message the article is making and should appear in your introduction.

Body paragraphs: the body of your essay should be devoted to supporting evidence for your thesis statement. You should have separate paragraphs devoted to:
(1): Describing the immigration debate including the history of its development and key theorists as it relates to your article (This should be CITED)

(2): 1-3 Paragraphs analyzing the rhetorical appeals (claim, evidence, and fallacies)

(3): 1-3 paragraphs analyzing the target audience based on the implicit values in the article.

Remember, a target audience should be VERY specific, not just “people who are treated unequally.” The implicit messages rarely but instead are based on the shared values of the target audience.

(4): 1-3 paragraphs analyzing the critical cultural elements including the goals,

the methods, the values, and the effectiveness.

For each point you want to make in your analysis you must give examples to support your claim. Using examples to support your claims will help your reader understand why you are making the claims you are making.

Additionally,Use at least THREE outside credible sources to help back up your analysis in this paper. Please cite these sources properly in your paper – use APA format. Note: you cannot use Wikipedia as a source!! Critically think about why Wikipedia is not a credible source to use for an academic paper.

***Don’t forget to cite EVERYTHING in-text and in references following APA style

State your Conclusion: The purpose of your conclusion is to clearly, but briefly reiterate what you wanted to accomplish in your essay. In other words, it should reflect (mirror) your thesis. Note: it should not simply be a restatement of your thesis. It is designed to have the reader (re)contemplate on the thesis, in light of the evidence you provided in the body of your paper.

Format your paper following APA style (double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins).

Note the word count at the end, after the references.

Submit your paper in MS Word form or PDF to Canvas



**You will earn credit for checks on the left! You do NOT want checks on the right

Criteria Actual/Possible points


Introduction (2.5 points each): /5

__ Cited Attention Getter __ Not cited Attention Getter

__ Clear Thesis statement __ No or Unclear thesis statement

Body(5 points each): /10

__ Clear topic sentence __ Unclear topic sentences

__ Effective transitions __ No transitions

Conclusion (5 points each): /10

__ Paraphrases Central Idea __ Exact C.I. restatement or nothing

__ Explicitly ties back to A.G. __ no tie back

Analysis (10 points each): /40

__ article’s claims thoroughly described __ unclear/ perfunctory description

__ Rhetorical appeals Analyzed __ unclear analysis

__ Target Audience analyzed __ No/inaccurate audience analysis

__ Critical cultural elements __ No analysis of critical cultural elements

Writing: /10

__ Grammar/ spelling Correct __ Grammatical/ spelling errors

Within constraints:

1,000-1,500 words/ word count included after the works cited/references /15

Cites following APA (references) /15


Total: /100= ___/35

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