Impact of Leadership Essay

Impact of Leadership in the Healthcare Sector

Creating a healthy work environment requires authentic leaders and transformational leadership, as explained by Marshall and Broome in their book. Effective leadership creates an amicable working environment whereby colleagues from all interdisciplinary can work collaboratively and address challenges that they may encounter adequately (Marshall, 2017). Transformative leaders focus on the growth and development of not only the organization but of the workers in both their professional and life, hence a balance necessary for higher productivity and performance (Bruce J. Avolio, 2013). On the other hand, Duggan suggests the implementation of administrative evidence-based practices, which focuses on enhancing performance measures and practices in the workplace. With these two types of leadership, a hospital or health organization has both effective leadership and management necessary to oversee the effective operation of functions and high performance.

A leader I admire and proponent of transformational leadership is His Excellency, Barack Obama. He ensures the development of all functions as well as the wellbeing and growth of the followers, hence collective and conclusive performance. This is seen through his speeches, where he values the importance of his followers and their input to the development of the nation. He also empowers his followers to have a sound mind and work for personal, corporate, and national development. He goes his way to transform, empower, inspire, and share a shared vision with his followers. Every organization must strive to ensure all stakeholders, especially the employees, are motivated and have a dynamic balance of work and life productivity for the development of the entire organization (Borkowski, 2015). The skills of both transformational leadership and administrative or transactional practices are useful in the organization as they will help effect effective change and help address any complexities and challenges present in the health center or among the human resource (Leanne, 2010). Effective leadership will promote better working environments while effective management helps confine any budget constraints and resolve any disparities in healthcare. This will improve the outcomes of all settings in the organization, improve performance, increase capacity, and align the corporate culture and climate necessary for employee development and organizational growth (Bruce J. Avolio, 2013).




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