Journal Interview 10

Unit 10 [MT435]
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Unit 10 Journal: Interview
This course utilizes two interviews to provide you an opportunity to interact with real-world
professionals within the areas of business related to your course topics.
It is an exciting time, living in the 21st Century! While the intent of the interviews is that you attempt to
interview a professional face-to-face in your local community, if this is difficult due to factors such as
living in a rural area, you can find a professional online, coordinate via email, and meet using Google
Hangouts to accomplish the interview assignments.
Keep in mind, in either method, your professionalism reflects upon yourself and our institution; make
us proud.
A few other important notes: Due to technical limitations with our learning platform, you may see
these items listed as Journal: Interview. These are not to be confused with your normal journals, as
they are very different. Consider them as interviews, and ensure you review and read their specific
Also, as you review your Gradebook during Unit 1, look at the timing of the interview and the related
topics of the units towards the end of the term. Know the late policy, and your own work schedule.
Schedule the interview to maximize your opportunity while mitigating risk of non-completion. Do not
procrastinate. Your emergency is not your selected professional’s emergency. Plan accordingly to
ensure you are not limited by schedule and ensure a buffer and contingency so that your selected
professional is not pressured by your time constraints. It is advisable to have a backup time and date
planned, in case you need it, to accomplish the interview. If you need to switch to a different
professional, due to availability, that is also appropriate within the same area of business.
This is a realistic business opportunity. One of the positive elements of Interviews as learning
opportunities is that they also open you up to networking opportunities. The role of professional
networking in a business career cannot be understated, it is key towards success. Additionally, if you
research career sites, you will see much advice towards the concept of an informational interview.
You may want to research informational interviews from this perspective prior to your two actual
You are being notified during Unit 1 to allow you maximize time to research, plan, coordinate, and
accomplish the interview successfully. Overcome obstacles, if they occur, and earn positive results!
In this Interview, you will be assessed based on the following outcome:
MT435-5: Evaluate the purpose of forecasting and inventory management within operations
This journal is different than many journals you may have encountered during your time at university.
In fact, it is better to think of it as an Interview than a journal.
Unit 10 [MT435]
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Part of learning about business is networking. This interview is to get you motivated and networking
with business professionals in your local area. If you want, you can also set-up an online interview
using Google Hangouts; however, you should make an effort in your local area if at all possible for
this experiential learning opportunity to conduct a face-to-face interview.
You will conduct a 30-minute interview with a business professional who has experience with
Forecasting and Inventory Management.
During the interview, ask permission to submit their first name, last name, and email address as
elements of your interview summary, in case your professor wants to check-in with them on their
thoughts of the interview.
As the person conducting the interview, you should dress professionally for the interview, and be
prepared with some initial research of the person you are interviewing (review their LinkedIn profile)
as well as, their organization (online research, corporate website, etc.). The point is to show up as a
business professional, and to be properly prepared and engaged for the interview. You will be asking
the questions, and you should be prepared to be an active listener and to ask pertinent follow-on
The three main question sets you are to ask, allowing about 10 minutes of discussion each, are:
Question Set 1: (Forecasting)
Does your organization use both qualitative and quantitative forecasting methods? What methods do
you use to support your business with forecasting (examples: regression analysis, Delphi Method)? Is
there a special team focused on forecasting, or is it a responsibility of each professional within your
Question Set 2: (Inventory Management)
How does your organization implement inventory management? What types of information systems
does your organization utilize to support effective inventory management? Does your organization
implement JIT, Just-In-Time, or some other form of lean applied to inventory?
Question Set 3: (Reflection on Operations Management)
Take a moment to share and reflect, with the professional you interview, on what you have learned
during our term, focused on operations management. After reflection, continue to discussion with the
following questions. How does operations management ensure the “mission happens” for a
successful organization? How does the “puzzle pieces” of various traditional areas of business
connect within your organization? Does your organization have a vertical (mechanistic) or horizontal
(organic) organizational structure? Do you have a top “lesson learned” related to effective operations
for a business?
To successfully complete this interview, review the rubric prior to the interview and ensure you
complete all required elements. However, in general, you will be composing 2-pages of meeting
minute format summary of the interview, highlighting who you selected to interview, their contact
information, the three responses, any other follow-on questions or key points, and then close with a
summary and your reflection on what you learned in relation to the course topics.
Advice to Avoid Plagiarism in Interview Assignments
 Do not list the questions in the interview document you submit
 Use headers such as Question Set 1: to separate out your interview narrative
Unit 10 [MT435]
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 Ensure all writing is the direct words of the person you interviewed, using quotes on their
responses, or your own original narrative as part of the interview process, or your own
 Ensure your reflection is in your own words
 Check your TII Report!
Directions for Submitting Your Journal: Interview
Compose your meeting minute format summary of the interview in a Word document and save it in a
location that includes your name and the title. Submit your interview summary to the Unit 10 Journal:
Interview Dropbox.
MT435 Unit 10 Journal: Interview
Rubric for Interview Transcript
Content (48%) 24 pts. (2-full pages Meeting Minutes)
Question Set 1 (Forecasting) is covered to appropriate breadth and
depth demonstrating knowledge of the outcome.
Question Set 2 (Inventory Management) is covered to appropriate
breadth and depth demonstrating knowledge of the outcome.
Question Set 3 (Reflection on Operations Management) is covered to
appropriate breadth and depth demonstrating knowledge of the
Analysis (30%) 15 pts.
The interview minutes effectively convey research was conducted on the
person being interviewed.
The interview minutes effectively convey research was conducted on the
organization of the person being interviewed.
The interview minutes effectively convey active listening with pertinent
professional follow-on questions being asked during the interview.
Writing (22%) 11 pts.
Contact information (first name, last name, email address) included at
the start of the interview for the professional being interviewed.
Meeting minute format, using bullet statements to summarize key points
is utilized as effective professional communication within the business
Appropriate summary and reflection are included at the close of the
interview transcript, utilizing either bullet statement or paragraph format.
Total 50

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