Rewriting Essay

Purpose: Research the application of a literary theory to one of the works you previously studied, and re-write one of your original essays, folding the literary theory into the thesis, assertions, and supporting textual evidence. You will practice deep revision of a written assignment, one of the most important tasks in the writing process. Revision means that you will look at your original essay with a fresh perspective. The revision process will help you to look critically at your own writing.


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Rewriting Essay
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You are to research and write about the subject of one of your past three essays from Unit 2, 3, or 4 through the lens of one of the schools/theories of literary criticism we studied in Unit 1. You should take this opportunity to improve your existing essay, using the graded rubric and the feedback from your instructor. Then, substantially revise the essay to include claims and textual evidence that support an argument/thesis that reflects the influence of your chosen school.

You will closely review the main idea or claim of your paper and consider if your thesis statement is strong (not obvious). In other words, does your main argument (thesis) convey your own unique view of the text?
Make sure that the literary critical theory you’re choosing is applicable to your topic of discussion (thesis).
Check that the scholarly sources listed in your annotated bibliography provide evidence and support of your thesis.
Make sure that your introduction states clearly what you will discuss in your paper.
Look at the topic sentence in each paragraph of your text to make sure that it points to (supports) your thesis.
Integrate text from your scholarly sources that support (provides evidence and moves your discussion further) your thesis.
Provide your own explanation and elaboration) of any quotations or paraphrased material from your three sources. Avoid the use of “hanging quotations.” Do not include a quotation from one of your sources without providing your own explanation.
Make sure that your conclusion summarizes your main points and reminds the reader of your thesis.
Leave time to submit your draft to Free Tutoring for review. Your tutor can help with thesis and content development, organization, grammar, and mechanics. Utilize this free service to write the best draft possible on this major assignment.
Don’t forget that you can submit your draft to Free Tutoring multiple times during the revision process.
Submit your final paper in Turnitin, OR in the assignment dropbox, according to your instructor’s preference. Should you use Turnitin, make sure to take a screenshot of the confirmation screen once you upload your paper.
Criteria on Which You Will be Graded:

The introduction and the specificity and development of your thesis
Your supporting claims, logic, and organization
The quality of your writing, to include paragraph development and organization: topic sentences, conclusions, transitions, etc. See Starting Your Research Essay
Your scholarly sources – your understanding of the articles (at least three) and how well these support your claim
Your understanding and application of literary criticism to support your claim (thesis)
Your engagement with the text (your integration of supporting quotations and how well you explain these)
Your conclusion
Format: You are required to use MLA style for all writing assignments. Proper MLA citation and a correctly formatted Works Cited page (12-point font, Times New Roman, double spacing, one-inch margins, Last name and page number on each page, etc.). Please refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab for MLA formatting and style guide. Include your name, instructor’s name, the title of the class, and the date in the upper left-hand corner of the first page. Center your title (you do not need to underline or italicize it) and place it above the body of the essay. Do not include a title page.
Be sure to maintain an appropriate academic tone (no slang, second-person, contractions, etc.)
Academic Honesty (all sources must be cited). Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable. Please ask if you have questions about what might constitute plagiarism and how to avoid it.
Length Requirement: 1000-1250 words

Graded Rubric:
This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.
Exemplary (A)
Accomplished (B)
Developing (C)
Beginning (D)
Did Not Attempt (F)
Criterion Score

Revised Purpose of the Essay – Thesis Development
20 points
The revised thesis is clear, specific, and developed, and clearly relates to a literary theory.

17 points
Revised thesis relates to a literary theory, but could benefit from more specificity, focus, or original thought.

15 points
Thesis has been revised to incorporate a literary theory, but the argument/analysis lacks a clear judgment or opinion about the work.

13 points
Revised thesis has been revised, but there is no clear influence of a literary theory or improved argument.

11 points
The submission did not attempt this part


submission suggests complete lack of thought/investment, and/or risk of plagiarism

/ 20

Revised analysis of the work/development of revised thesis/argument by presenting examples/supporting claims in a logical manner
20 points
The essay’s analysis is sound, reasonable, and original, and its argument is exceptionally well-developed with logical supporting claims.

17 points
The essay’s analysis is sound and reasonable, argument is well-supported, but may lack specificity and could benefit from additional development.

15 points
Supporting claims relate to the thesis, but are vague or underdeveloped or focus on summary rather than analysis of the work.

13 points
Supporting claims are only weakly related to the thesis


are significantly underdeveloped (i.e., perhaps rushed)

11 points
No submission


Work strongly suggests instructions were not read or followed

/ 20

Textual Support – Engaging Sources as Evidence
20 points
The paragraphs are well-developed with textual examples that are explicitly placed in dialogue with the paragraph’s topic sentence and main idea. Textual examples are properly represented and correctly interpreted.

17 points
The paragraphs’ claims are supported with generally well-chosen textual examples; however, there may be areas where further support and/or more explicit explanations (how the example supports the topic sentence) would be beneficial.

15 points
The paragraphs contain textual evidence; however, the textual examples may be generalized references and/or poorly explained in terms of how they support the topic sentences. There may be a few instances where the textual examples may be misinterpreted.

13 points
The paragraphs may not contain sufficient textual support to persuade a reader. The textual examples do not clearly support the paragraphs’ main ideas and/or are misrepresented (or misinterpreted); and, the textual examples may not be explicitly placed in dialogue with the paragraph’s main idea.

11 points
The submission did not attempt this part


Work strongly suggests instructions were not read or followed

/ 20

Quality of Research/Choice of Sources
20 points
At least three scholarly sources are well-chosen and appropriately used to support the essay’s assertions.

17 points
At least three scholarly sources are well-chosen and used to support the essay’s assertions, although choice of quotations could be more focused or specific.

15 points
Two of three sources are well-chosen and used appropriately to support the essay’s assertions.

See feedback

13 points
Two of three sources are either not well-chosen, not well-interpreted, or not well-understood


Fewer than three sources are used

See feedback

11 points
Submission did not attempt this part


Essay strongly suggests that readings and/or instructions were not read

/ 20

Quality of Revised Writing, Mechanics, Language
10 points
All major errors have been eliminated through the revision process. Newly added content contains few, if any, minor errors. Writing is organized and logical; language is clear.

9 points
The writing has been substantially edited to eliminate most major and minor errors, but could benefit in places from additional organization, clarity, or focus.

8 points
While efforts at editing have clearly been made and very few instances of confusion may remain, language and reasoning may still be awkward, and new content may contain errors.

7 points
While minor alterations were made, the writing quality still does not meet college-level expectations. Some of the errors may result in confusion.

5 points
The submission did not attempt this part


Work strongly suggests that instructions were not read or followed


submission suggests complete lack of thought or investment along these lines

/ 10

MLA Citation Formatting/Citation and Academic Honesty
10 points
MLA formatting and citation usage is excellent, with few or no minor errors.

The title page includes the writer’s last name and page number at the top right corner of the page as well as an MLA header and an academic title for the essay.
A works cited page is included.
Quotations are introduced with a signal phrase and are properly punctuated and cited. This includes the use of block quotations where required.

9 points
MLA formatting and citation usage is good, but there are some minor errors.

All of the required elements in the Exemplary (A) category are present but lacking

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